General Terms and Conditions of WordSuperb

1. Scope

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between you, the user ("user"), and ("provider"), regarding the use of our both complimentary and paid services on the website. These services encompass spelling and grammar correction ("Services") provided through the domain
  2. The provider retains the right to modify, supplement, or adjust these terms ( at any time.
  3. Use of our services is contingent upon the user's agreement with these terms and conditions. Please note that access to free services is not guaranteed and is subject to the provider's discretion.

2. Services

  1. The provider offers users both free and paid services through the website
  2. Access to these free services is granted without charge, subject to adherence to the subsequent usage terms. Registration is not obligatory for the use of free services and content ("Basic version"). However, certain services may necessitate registration to access supplementary functionalities ("Pro version"). Additional services are available for a fee ("Premium version").
  3. Users are exclusively responsible for any costs incurred while utilizing internet services, such as those imposed by their internet service provider.
  4. The provider reserves the right to continuously update and introduce new versions of the software without prior notice. The provider retains the freedom to modify, restrict, terminate, or extend the range of free services offered.

3. Access to Services

  1. The provider does not guarantee perpetual and uninterrupted availability of services.
  2. Services are periodically updated; however, users do not possess an entitlement to updates. The provider reserves the right to restrict operational hours for technical reasons or temporarily suspend services. Additionally, the provider maintains the right to implement technical changes of various kinds to the services, especially if dictated by mandatory legal provisions.

4. Use of Free Services

  1. The utilization of free services provided on is exclusively permissible for personal use. Embedding these services within other websites is strictly prohibited.
  2. All contents furnished as part of our services, including images, text, and graphics, are protected by copyright, unless stated otherwise.
  3. Within the scope of the "Pro Version", the provider utilizes stored texts for machine learning, aimed at enhancing the quality of our services. Notably, machine learning is employed to refine text verification and rephrasing functions. This machine learning transpires on servers operated by ChatGPT.

5. Warranty and Liability of the Provider

  1. The provider does not ensure the precision, speed, comprehensiveness, reliability, or timeliness of the provided services. Users acknowledge that the examination of texts for stylistic, spelling, and grammatical errors may be incomplete. Additionally, users accept the possibility of false alarms, where the services might flag accurate text passages as incorrect.

6. User Behavior

  1. Utilization of the provider's services must adhere to these terms and conditions. Furthermore, users must refrain from misusing free services and must respect applicable laws and the rights of third parties.
  2. Violations of these terms and user obligations may result in the user's liability for damages.
  3. Users are required to indemnify the provider from all claims asserted against the provider by third parties due to the user's actions violating their rights. Additionally, users are obligated to reimburse the provider for damages and reasonable expenses incurred as a result of rights infringements, including claims from third parties. This also encompasses the expenses associated with appropriate legal defense for the provider.
  4. Publicly offering any version of the service (e.g., reselling) is prohibited. Exceptions may be granted by the provider in written form.
  5. Usage of the services to create a competing product in the domain of style, grammar, and spell checking is prohibited.

7.Data Protection

  1. The provider acknowledges the significance of handling users' personal data with care. The provider is committed to maintaining meticulous treatment of personal data at all times.
  2. For further details, please refer to the provider's privacy policy accessible at

8. General Information

  1. In the event that specific provisions within these General Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid or unenforceable, the overall validity of these Terms shall remain unaffected. Invalid or unenforceable provisions shall be replaced by valid and enforceable ones, adhering to the entirety of the terms and conditions.
  2. All legal relations between the provider and the user shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, with the exception of provisions from the UN Convention. The designated place of jurisdiction is Limassol, Cyprus.
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