Empower Your Writing with Our Extension

Multi-language Support

Proofread and enhance text in multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.

Native Language Enhancement

Elevate your text to sound like native writing, capturing the nuances and style of the language

Synonym Selection Soon

Choose from a range of synonyms to enhance vocabulary and ensure dynamic and engaging content

Powered by ChatGPT Engine

Benefit from the advanced capabilities of the ChatGP

Custom ChatGPT Key Soon

Integrate your own ChatGPT API key for personalized usage and control.

Local Language Variants

Support for different English variants, such as British English, to cater to regional preferences.

Rewrite Options Soon

Customize your content's tone, length, and style with options to make it shorter, longer, or adjust the overall feel.

Privacy and Security

Ensure the confidentiality of your text with robust data security measures.

Personal Rules and Exclusions Soon

Create custom rules to exclude specific corrections or tailor the proofreading process according to your writing preferences.

How it works

Few steps to improve your texts


Install Our Extension

Download and install our free browser extension in a few clicks from Google Chrome extensions marketplace


Open Your Favorite Website and Start Writing

Visit any website where you want to compose or edit text. Begin typing your text in the provided text area.


See Real-time Corrections

Experience instant, real-time proofreading and correction as you write.