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In this article, we explore the correct spelling of a word that often trips people up: vehicle. Whether you're writing an academic paper, composing an email, or drafting a report, spelling words correctly is crucial. We'll delve into not only the correct spelling of "vehicle" but also offer tips for memorizing it, highlight common mistakes, and explore its definition and etymology.

Correct Spelling of Vehicle

The correct spelling of the word is vehicle. It is commonly misspelled due to its pronunciation, which can lead some to forget the 'h' or mix up the placement of the 'e' and 'i'. Remember, a vehicle is any means of transportation, whether it's a car, bike, or boat.

How can remember the correct spelling

A helpful way to remember the correct spelling of "vehicle" is by breaking it down phonetically to 've-hi-cle'. Additionally, associating the word with a visual image of any mode of transportation can also cement its spelling in your memory.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • veichle - Incorrect because the 'e' and 'i' are inverted.
  • vechile - Incorrect due to the omission of 'i' before 'l'.
  • vehical - Incorrect because 'c' is mistakenly replaced with 'c' before 'l'.

These common errors usually stem from mishearing the pronunciation of vehicle or from general confusion about the order of 'e' and 'i' in English words.

Definition and Etymology of Vehicle

The word vehicle refers to any conveyance, often a motor vehicle or wheeled apparatus, used to transport people or goods. Deriving from the Latin word "vehiculum," meaning 'conveyance,' its use in English dates back to the early 17th century, emphasizing its long-standing role in describing modes of transport.

Transcription of Vehicle

The phonetic transcription of vehicle is /'viː.ɪ.kl/. This notation helps with pronunciation, indicating that the 'e' in "vehicle" is silent, and the stress is on the first syllable, 'vee'.

Examples of Using of Vehicle

  • The electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding worldwide.
  • He was cited for operating a vehicle under the influence.
  • A utility vehicle is indispensable for their farm work.

These sentences illustrate the diverse contexts in which vehicle can be employed, from discussing transportation modes to legal issues regarding its operation.


What does the word mean? 
The word vehicle refers to any mode of transport used to carry goods or passengers.

Words Closely Related: automobile, conveyance, transport.

Synonyms: car, truck, van, scooter.

Difference Between Words in American and British Versions

Fortunately, the spelling of vehicle remains the same in both American and British English. However, the pronunciation can slightly vary, with British English often placing less emphasis on the 'h', but the spelling is universally agreed upon in both versions of the language.

In which academic dictionaries you can find this word

  1. Oxford English Dictionary.
  2. Cambridge Dictionary.
  3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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