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In this article, we dive into the correct spelling of a word that is foundational to language and communication: "together." Learning to spell words accurately is crucial for clear and effective communication. We will cover the correct spelling, common spelling mistakes, and easy tips to remember how to spell this everyday word correctly.

Correct Spelling of Together

The together spelling is a straightforward one, yet it can sometimes trip up writers. The correct spelling is together, without any spaces, hyphens, or additional letters. It's a simple combination of "to" and "get" with the suffix "her", but it is always spelled as one word. Remembering this can help avoid the common mistake of breaking it down incorrectly.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

A handy tip for remembering the spelling of together is to think of it as a pair or a group coming "to get her." This mnemonic ties the word's meaning to its spelling, making it easier to remember. Another method is to break the word down into its sounds: to-geth-er, which can help recall the correct letter order.

Common Spelling Mistakes

The most common spelling mistakes for together include:

  • togeter - Missing the 'h' after 'g'.
  • togehter - Incorrect letter order; 'h' and 't' are swapped.
  • togather - Incorrect vowel 'a' instead of the second 'e'.

These errors often result from phonetic miscues or typing errors. However, recognizing these common mistakes can help avoid them in future writings.

Definition and Etymology of Together

The word together is an adverb meaning "with each other," covering concepts of unity or simultaneously occurring actions. It stems from the Old English phrase togædere, which combines "to" indicating direction and "gædere" meaning "gathered." Over time, it evolved into the Middle English "toger," eventually becoming "together" in Modern English, signifying a state of closeness or joint action.

Transcription of Together

The phonetic transcription of together is /təˈɡɛðər/. This transcription helps language learners and others understand how to pronounce the word correctly. Breaking it into sounds can also be a useful method for spelling the word accurately.

Examples of Using Together

The following sentences illustrate how to use together in various contexts:

  • We decided to work together on the project to complete it faster.
  • Their voices blended together beautifully in the choir.
  • Putting our heads together, we came up with a great solution.


What does the word mean?
Together refers to a joint action or condition, implying a state of being in company with others or in sync.

Words Closely Related: associated, united, collectively.


Jointly, simultaneously, in unison.

Difference in American and British Versions

The spelling of together remains the same in both American and British English, with no variation between the two. However, it's essential to note that while spelling remains consistent, pronunciation and usage might differ slightly based on dialect and regional preferences.

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