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Spelling in English can sometimes be unpredictable due to its vast borrowing from other languages. This article focuses on ensuring you spell "regular" correctly, an often-used but sometimes misspelled word.

Correct Spelling of Regular

The correct spelling of the word is regular. It contains seven letters and is mainly used to describe something done or happening frequently. The regular spelling is straightforward once you break it down to its syllabic components: reg-u-lar. Remembering this could help in spelling the word correctly without mistakes.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

To remember the correct spelling of "regular," consider associating it with a regular routine or habit, as regularity is key to both the word's meaning and remembering its spelling. Breaking it down into syllables, like 'reg-u-lar,' can also make it easier to recall the correct sequence of letters.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Reguler - Incorrect because it swaps the 'a' for an 'e,' which is a common error in English spelling.
  • Reglar - This misses out the second 'u,' an oversight due to mishearing or oversimplifying the word.

These variations stem from incorrect phonetic interpretations or simplifications of the word.

Definition and Etymology of Regular

The word regular is used to describe something that is done or occurs frequently in a fixed pattern. It can also refer to something that conforms to rules, standards, or norms. The term originates from the Latin word "regula," meaning a rule, which itself comes from "regere," meaning to lead, direct, or rule. This origin sheds light on why "regular" involves aspects of consistency and conformity.

Transcription of Regular

The transcription of "regular" in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is ˈrɛɡjʊlər. This illustrates the pronunciation of the word with the stress on the first syllable. Understanding the IPA notation of the word might aid in correctly pronouncing and subsequently spelling "regular."

Examples of Using Regular

  • She goes for a regular check-up every month.
  • He prefers to keep a regular schedule.
  • Maintenance is key to keeping the machine in regular operation.


What does the word mean?
"Regular" refers to anything done, occurring, or repeated at fixed intervals or according to a pattern or rules.

Words Closely Related: consistent, routine, standardized.

Synonyms: usual, normal, customary.

Difference Between American and British Versions

In the case of the word "regular," there is no variation in spelling between the American and British versions. Both use "regular." However, pronunciation might slightly differ, particularly with respect to the stress on syllables and the articulation of the letter 'a.'

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