How to Spell Perseverance

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Understanding the correct spelling of commonly mispelled words is crucial in writing proficiently and professionally. This article dives into the word perseverance, exploring its correct spelling, common mistakes, and more, to enhance your writing skills.

Correct Spelling of Perseverance

To spell perseverance correctly, remember it combines the root word "persevere" with the suffix "-ance", indicating the act of or state of. The correct spelling emphasizes the blend of determination (persevere) and the noun form indicating a state or quality (-ance). Despite its length and the mix of vowels and consonants, perseverance has a straightforward spelling adhering to its pronunciation.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

For remembering how to spell perseverance correctly, break the word down into syllables (per-se-ver-ance) and practice writing or saying them in sequence. Associating the word with characteristics of persistent effort or endurance can also reinforce its spelling in your mind. Mnemonic devices, like phrases or poems that highlight the word's spelling, could be particularly helpful.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Preserverance - Incorrectly includes an "r" after the initial "p".
  • Persaverance - Misplaces the second "e" with an "a", altering the pronunciation.
  • Perseverence - Incorrectly spells the ending with "ence" instead of the correct "ance".

These common spelling mistakes often stem from mispronunciation or a misunderstanding of the word's suffix.

Definition and Etymology of Perseverance

The word perseverance signifies steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, belief, or purpose, without being swayed by difficulties or discouragement. Its etymology traces back to Middle English, derived from Middle French, and ultimately from the Latin word "perseverantia," meaning to persist or to continue steadfastly. The consistency of its spelling over centuries reflects the core meaning of this enduring trait.

Transcription of Perseverance

The phonetic transcription of perseverance in standard American English is /pər·sɪˈvɪər·əns/. Breaking the word down into phonetic sounds can assist in understanding its pronunciation and, consequently, its spelling. The stress falls on the third syllable, which aligns with the emphasis on 'ver', a key to remembering its correct spelling.

Examples of Using of Perseverance

  • Her perseverance in studying for the exams paid off when she received her scores.
  • The athlete's perseverance through injury and setbacks is truly inspiring.
  • Without perseverance, many of history’s great achievements would not have been possible.


What does the word mean?
Perseverance refers to the quality of persisting in a task or belief despite obstacles or discouragement.

Words Closely Related: determination, persistence, tenacity, steadfastness.

Synonyms: endurance, persistence, tenacity, determination.

Difference Between American and British Versions

The word perseverance is spelled the same in both American and British English. However, pronunciation can slightly vary, with British English possibly placing a softer emphasis on the "r" sounds. Regardless, the spelling remains unaffected by regional differences, making it universally recognized in English-speaking countries.

In Which Academic Dictionaries You Can Find This Word

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