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In the world of numbers and letters, spelling can often cause confusion and errors. This article focuses on the correct spelling of a particular numerical word that often poses challenges for many. We delve into the spelling of "ninety," providing guidance and tips to ensure you always get it right.

Correct Spelling of Ninety

The correct spelling of the numeral after eighty-nine is ninety. It is important to remember that it is spelled with an "i" and not with an "e" as in the number nine itself. Despite the fact that ninety denotes a count of 9 tens, its spelling shifts slightly from its root "nine" to ninety when expressing the number 90.

How can remember the correct spelling

A straightforward technique to remember the correct spelling is to mentally note the shift from "i" in "nine" to "e" in "ten" and back to "i" in ninety. This pattern of alternating vowel spelling can be a mnemonic aid. Another tip is to remember that "ninety" is spelled with "n-i-n" at the beginning, just like "nine".

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Ninty - Missing the "e" after the "n" is a common error that overlooks the transformation from "nine" to ninety.
  • Ninetye - An unnecessary "e" at the end, misunderstanding the transition from "nine" to ninety.

These mistakes typically stem from misinterpreting the pronunciation or overcomplicating the simple spelling rule that governs the formation of ninety.

Definition and Etymology of Ninety

The term ninety refers to the cardinal number equivalent to nine times ten. It is derived from the Old English "nigontig," which faithfully captures its base components "nigon" (nine) + "tig" (group of ten). Over time, the pronunciation and spelling have evolved to the current ninety, yet its numerical significance remains unaltered.

Transcription of Ninety

The standard phonetic transcription of ninety in British English is /ˈnaɪnti/. It emphasizes the crisp pronunciation of the initial "ni-" sound followed by the clear, stress-free "-ty" ending. Phonetic transcription serves as a valuable tool for learners to capture the precise sound of words, ensuring accurate pronunciation.

Examples of Using of Ninety

  • She celebrated her ninety-first birthday with great enthusiasm.
  • The charity raised over ninety thousand dollars.
  • He managed to solve ninety percent of the problems correctly.


What does the word mean? 
Ninety is the number following eighty-nine and preceding ninety-one.

Words Closely Related: nonagenarian (a person who is from 90 to 99 years old).

Synonyms: ninetieth, 90th.

Difference in American and British Versions

The spelling of ninety remains constant between American and British English, showing no variation. The pronunciation may slightly vary due to accent differences, but the written form is universal across both versions of English, making ninety one of the numbers that maintain consistency.

In Which Academic Dictionaries You Can Find This Word

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