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In the vast world of the English language, spelling can often trip up even the most seasoned writers and grammarians. This article is dedicated to shedding light on the correct spelling of one such commonly misconstrued word, ensuring everyone can use it correctly and, well, happily.

Correct Spelling of Happily

The correct spelling of the word is happily. Originating from the root word 'happy,' it follows a simple rule of transforming 'y' to 'i' and adding 'ly' to convert the adjective into an adverb, signifying an action done in a happy manner. This transformation is standard across many adjectives in the English language, making happily its correct adverbial form.

How can remember the correct spelling

Remembering the correct spelling of happily can be simplified by breaking down the word: think of the base word 'happy', then replace the 'y' with 'i', and finally, add 'ly'. Associating the spelling with this simple rule can help in recollection and prevent spelling mistakes.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Happilly - Doubling the 'l' is a common mistake that disregards the basic rule of converting the adjective to an adverb.
  • Happyly - This error occurs when the 'y' to 'i' conversion is overlooked.

These mistakes often stem from a misunderstanding of the rule that governs the transformation of adjectives into adverbs in English.

Definition and etymology of Happily

Happily is an adverb used to describe an action done in a happy manner. Derived from the adjective 'happy', which has its origins in the late 14th century Middle English word 'hap', meaning 'chance' or 'fortune', happily embodies a positive outcome or state. Over time, 'happy' evolved to mean content and joyous, with happily extending this to describe the manner of an action.

Transcription of Happily

The phonetic transcription of happily is /ˈhæpɪli/. This shows that the word is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, with a short 'a' sound as in 'cat', followed by a short 'i' sound as in 'sit', and ending with 'ly'. The transcription offers a guide on proper pronunciation to ensure clarity in verbal communication.

Examples of using of Happily

  • She hummed happily as she went about her day.
  • The children played happily in the park.
  • We will live happily ever after.


What does the word mean? 
It means in a happy manner or joyously.

Words Closely Related: joyfully, merrily, cheerfully.

Synonyms: gleefully, delightfully, blissfully.

Difference between the words in American and British versions

There is no difference in spelling or usage of the word happily between American and British English. The word follows the same rule for converting an adjective to an adverb in both varieties of English, making its utility and spelling universal across English-speaking countries.

In which academic dictionaries you can find this word

  1. Oxford English Dictionary.
  2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  3. Cambridge Dictionary.

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