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Mastering the spelling of certain English words can seem daunting due to their complexity and the exceptions to common spelling rules. "Committee" is one such word that often causes confusion. This article aims to clarify the correct spelling of "committee" and provide tips to remember it, preventing common errors.

Correct Spelling of Committee

The committee is spelled with double 'm', double 't', and ends with 'ee'. Despite its seemingly complicated structure, remembering the correct spelling of committee can be quite straightforward once you break it down. Each component of the word plays a crucial role in its meaning and function within the language.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

One technique is to break the word down into sounds: com-mit-tee, emphasizing the double letters. Associating the word with a visual cue, such as a group of people (which symbolizes a committee) sitting around two tables (to symbolize the double 't'), can also aid retention. Finally, the repetition of writing the word multiple times can solidify its correct spelling in your memory.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Commitee - Missing the second 'm' is a frequent error that doesn't account for the word's correct structure.
  • Comittee - This variation forgets the second 'm' and is equally incorrect.
  • Commite - This mistake comes from not doubling the 't' and incorrectly ending the word, omitting the 'ee'.

These errors typically stem from mishearing the word or misunderstanding the principles behind its structure.

Definition and Etymology of Committee

The word committee refers to a group of people appointed for a specific function, often by a larger organization. This term has its roots in Middle English, originating from the Old French 'comité', a participle of 'comettre', which means 'to commit'. Over time, this evolved into the term we use today, emphasizing the delegation of duties or responsibilities to a selected group.

Transcription of Committee

In English phonetic transcription, committee can be represented as /kəˈmɪt.i/. This transcription helps guide pronunciation by breaking the word down into phonetically distinct parts, highlighting the emphasis on the second syllable and the double letter sounds.

Examples of Using Committee

  • The board appointed a committee to oversee the project.
  • She served on the advisory committee for over a decade.
  • The committee will convene at noon to discuss the upcoming event.


What does the word mean?
A group of people designated to perform a particular task or to oversee a specific area of concern within an organization.

Words Closely Related: panel, board, commission.

Synonyms: taskforce, delegation, council.

Difference in American and British Versions

The spelling of "committee" remains consistent between American and British English. However, the pronunciation can slightly vary, with American English generally emphasizing the 'r' sound less than British English. Nonetheless, these variations do not affect the spelling of the word.

In which academic dictionaries can you find this word?

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