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Are you unsure about the correct spelling of the word believe? Look no further! This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to spell the word believe correctly. From its definition to common spelling mistakes, as well as techniques to remember its correct spelling, we cover everything you need to know about this commonly used word.

Correct Spelling of Believe

The word believe is spelled with the letters B-E-L-I-E-V-E in that order. Ensure each letter is included while writing the word to maintain its correct spelling.

Definition of Believe

The word believe is a verb that means to accept something as true or to have faith and confidence in someone or something. It implies a sense of trust and conviction in the absence of concrete evidence.

Transcription of Believe

The phonetic transcription of the word believe is /bɪˈliːv/. This helps speakers understand the pronunciation of the word, particularly when learning English as a second language. 

Examples of Using Believe

  • I believe in the power of positivity.
  • She finds it hard to believe in fairy tales.
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • We need to believe in ourselves to achieve success.
  • He couldn't believe his luck when he won the lottery.

Common Spelling Mistakes

While believe is a commonly used word, some common misspellings should be avoided:

    • Belive - this misspelling often occurs due to the omission of the second 'e'
    • Beleive - another common mistake is replacing the second 'e' with an extra 'i'

    These spellings are considered incorrect because they omit or interchange certain letters, resulting in a deviation from the accepted spelling.

    How to Remember the Correct Spelling

    Remembering the correct spelling of the word believe can be made easier with the following techniques:

    • Break the word into smaller parts or syllables: be-lieve. Visualize and connect each part, making it easier to recall.
    • Use mnemonic devices or memory aids, such as creating a sentence with each letter representing a word (e.g., Birds eagerly look into every vast enclosure).
    • Practice writing the word multiple times to reinforce its correct spelling in your memory.
    • Associate the word with a visual image or personal meaning to enhance recall.


    What does the word believe mean? 
    The word believe means to accept something as true or have faith in something or someone.

    How do you spell believe in Spanish? 
    In Spanish, the word for believe is creer.

    What words are closely related to believe? 
    Other words closely related to "believe" include trust, have faith, think, consider, and accept.

    Can you provide some synonyms for believe? 
    Some synonyms for believe are trust, think, suppose, assume, and conclude.

    Difference Between American and British Versions

    The word believe is spelled the same way in both American English and British English, making it consistent across different English language variations.

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