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In this article, we will explore the correct spelling of a commonly misunderstood word, Ariel. Whether you're writing a creative piece or penning a formal document, knowing the precise spelling is essential. We will cover the correct spelling, ways to remember it, common mistakes, and the word's definition and etymology.

Correct Spelling of Ariel

The correct spelling of the word is Ariel. It is crucial to note that despite various misspellings that circulate in texts and on the internet, "Ariel" remains the standard spelling. This spelling is consistent across different English-speaking countries, appearing in literature, brand names, and as a personal name. Remembering the correct spelling ensures clear communication and avoids confusion.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

A helpful technique for remembering the spelling of Ariel is to associate it with something memorable. For example, think of the character Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" or the brand Ariel known for its detergents. Visualization and association can greatly aid in retaining the correct spelling in your memory.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Areal - This spelling mistake is common but incorrect because it changes the word to something entirely different, meaning "relating to an area."
  • Ariell - Adding an extra 'l' at the end is a frequent error that deviates from the standard spelling of the word.

These variations are considered incorrect as they do not conform to the accepted spelling of "Ariel."

Definition and Etymology of Ariel

The name Ariel can refer to both a person's name and a character in literature. In literature, Ariel is a spirit of the air in William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest." As a personal name, it is of Hebrew origin, meaning "Lion of God." The diverse usage of Ariel in different contexts has contributed to its popularity and recognition as a proper noun.

Transcription of Ariel

The phonetic transcription of Ariel is /ˈɛəriəl/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The pronunciation may slightly vary depending on regional accents but generally maintains the airy quality reflective of its meaning and literary connections.

Examples of Using of Ariel

  • Ariel is a popular name given to both boys and girls.
  • Many people remember Ariel as the spirited character from "The Tempest".
  • In discussions about laundry detergents, Ariel is often mentioned for its effectiveness.


What does the word Ariel mean? 
Ariel can mean "Lion of God" in Hebrew or refer to a spirit character in Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

Words Closely Related to Ariel: Uriel, Gabriel.

Synonyms for Ariel: Spirit, cherub, seraph.

For the word Ariel, there is no significant difference in spelling or usage between American and British English. It is spelled and used the same way, reflecting its status as a proper noun and a globally recognized brand and name.

In Which Academic Dictionaries You Can Find This Word

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