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In today's fast-paced world, the correct spelling of words is fundamental to clear communication. This article guides you on the correct spelling of the word "again" and provides tips for memorizing it, common mistakes, its definition, etymology, transcription, and practical usage examples.

Correct Spelling of Again

The correct spelling of the word is again. It is a simple yet frequently misspelled word in the English language. Remember, it combines the prefix 'a-' with the word 'gain' to form again, which means 'once more' or 'another time'. Ensuring the correct spelling of again is crucial for effective communication.

How can remember the correct spelling

One technique to remember the spelling of "again" is to break it down into its sounds: a-gain. By visualizing these two parts separately, you can easily recall the correct spelling when writing. Associating \"again\" with the phrase \"a gain in knowledge every time you use it\" can also aid in memorization.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Agian - A common mistake due to the misplacement of 'i' and 'a'.
  • Agin - Missing the last 'a', which alters the pronunciation.
  • Againn - Adding an unnecessary 'n' at the end.

These variations are incorrect because they deviate from the standard spelling recognized in English, affecting both readability and comprehensibility.

Definition and Etymology of Again

The word "again" means 'once more' or 'in addition'. It is used when something happens a second time or after a break. Its etymology can be traced back to Middle English, derived from Old English 'ongēan' which translates to 'against', 'back', or 'renewed'. Over time, 'again' evolved to its current usage and spelling in modern English, indicating repetition or continuation.

Transcription of Again

The phonetic transcription of "again" is /əˈɡɛn/ or /əˈɡeɪn/. The pronunciation can slightly vary between /əˈɡɛn/, which is more common in British English, and /əˈɡeɪn/, often heard in American English. Being aware of these variations can enhance your understanding of the word while listening to different English dialects.

Examples of Using of Again

  • "She decided to take the test again to improve her score."
  • "Can you please say that again? I didn't catch it the first time."
  • "He looked again, but still couldn't find his keys."

These examples show how "again" can be used to indicate repetition or an additional instance in various contexts.


What does the word mean? 
The word again means 'once more' or 'in addition'.

Words Closely Related: Againward, Againwards (although less commonly used).

Synonyms: once more, anew, additionally.

Difference between American and British Versions

While the spelling of again remains the same in both American and British English, the pronunciation can differ. In British English, it is commonly pronounced as /əˈɡɛn/, and in American English, it is often pronounced as /əˈɡeɪn/. These variations do not affect the meaning or usage of the word.

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