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Getting the spelling of numbers right is just as crucial as spelling words correctly. This article focuses on the correct spelling of the number 75, exploring its correct form, common mistakes, and helpful mnemonic techniques.

Correct spelling of 75

It is a compound number that combines the word 'seventy' with 'five', using a hyphen to link them. Ensuring correct spelling is important, especially in formal writing and documentation.

How can remember the correct spelling

One way to remember the spelling of seventy-five is to break it down into its components: 'seventy' and 'five'. Think of the number 7 (seven) and then add 'ty' to make it seventy, followed by the number five. Linking them with a hyphen emphasizes that it is a compound number.

Common spelling mistakes

  • Seventyfive (missing hyphen) - the correct form requires a hyphen between 'seventy' and 'five'
  • Seventy five (space instead of a hyphen) - although understandable, the formal spelling uses a hyphen
  • Sevenfive (combining the words without 'ty') - this mistake omits the crucial 'ty' that denotes tens.

These errors typically stem from misunderstanding the structure of compound numbers or overlooking the need for a hyphen.

Definition and etymology of 75

The number seventy-five is defined as the natural number following seventy-four and preceding seventy-six. It is made up of seven tens and five ones. The word 'seventy' comes from the Old English 'seofontig', where 'seofon' means seven and 'tig' is a suffix used in Old English to form multiples of ten.

Transcription of 75

In phonetic transcription, seventy-five is represented as /ˈsɛv.ən.ti.faɪv/. It helps in understanding the pronunciation of the compound number, emphasizing the stress on the first syllable of 'seventy' and the vowel sounds in both words.

Examples of using of 75

  • Seventy-five guests were invited to the wedding.
  • The recipe calls for seventy-five grams of sugar.
  • He celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday with a grand party.


What does the number 75 mean? 
It's used to denote quantities, positions, or measurements in various contexts such as mathematics, statistics, measurements, and everyday counting.

Words Closely Related? 
Seventy-five is closely related to 'seventy' (the decade it belongs to) and 'five' (the unit it ends with).


There are no exact synonyms but it can be described as three quarters of a hundred.

There is no difference in the spelling of seventy-five between American and British English. However, it's important to note that the use of numerals versus words can vary depending on the style guide.

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