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Spelling numbers correctly is crucial in both academic and everyday writing. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to spell the number 300 correctly, discusses common mistakes, and offers tips to remember its correct spelling. Whether you're writing cheques, invitations, or academic papers, knowing how to spell numbers like 300 can be invaluable.

Correct Spelling of 300

When spelling out the number 300, it is important to connect the "three" and the "hundred" with a hyphen when it acts as an adjective before a noun. For example, in "three hundred apples," no hyphen is needed, but in "a three-hundred-page book," a hyphen is used. Remember, in numbers, there are no spaces or apostrophes: it's simply three hundred.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

To remember that 300 is spelled as three hundred, think of it in terms of dollars or a currency you are familiar with: "three hundred dollars" is easier to visualize and remember. Additionally, practicing writing it out in both numeric and word form can help cement the spelling in your memory.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Threehundred (spelling the two words as one)
  • Three-hundred (incorrectly adding a hyphen when it's not acting as an adjective)
  • 3 hundred (mixing numerals and words improperly)

These spelling errors are considered incorrect because they do not adhere to the standardized rules for writing numbers in English. Remember, when spelling out numbers, they should be clear, consistent, and follow the conventions of the language.

Definition and Etymology of 300

The number 300 represents a quantity or a count of 300 items. It is a cardinal number that comes after 299 and before 301. The term "three hundred" is derived from the Old English words "þrēo," meaning "three," and "hund," which originally meant "hundred" but comes from a root meaning "ten times." This composite definition literally translates to "ten times ten times three." Throughout history, the number 300 has held various significances in different cultures, often symbolizing strength or a large quantity in a metaphorical sense.

Transcription of 300

In phonetic transcription, "three hundred" can be transcribed as /θriː ˈhʌndrəd/. This transcription helps to understand the pronunciation of the number, where "three" is pronounced with a starting "th" sound, followed by a long 'ee' sound. The "hundred" part starts with a soft "h," followed by a short "u" sound, like in "hut," and ends with "dred."

Examples of Using 300

  • I've saved up three hundred dollars for my vacation.
  • The marathon raised over three hundred dollars for charity.
  • There were about three hundred guests at the wedding.


What does the word mean? 
It's a numerical value used in various contexts such as mathematics, measurements, quantities, scores, and historical references.

Words Closely Related: three, hundred, three-hundredth (the ordinal form).

Synonyms: triple century, trihundred.

Differences in American and British Versions

When it comes to spelling numbers like 300, there is no difference between American and British English. Both varieties of English spell the number as three hundred, without variation. This consistency helps in maintaining clarity and standardization in texts across different English-speaking regions.

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