How Do You Spell Sergeant?

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Understanding the correct spelling of certain words can be challenging due to the intricacies of English spelling rules. This article focuses on the proper spelling of "sergeant" and offers guidance for remembering it, alongside detailing common misspellings and the word's origins.

Correct Spelling of Sergeant

The correct spelling of the word is sergeant. It's important to pay attention to the placement of the 'r' and 'e' as they can easily be misplaced. This rank is used in various military and police hierarchies all around the world, making its correct spelling essential for formal and informal communication.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

One effective way to remember the spelling of sergeant is to break it down phonetically as "ser-ge-ant" or remember the phrase "SERgeants GEr aNt," where the capital letters spell out the word. Associating the word with its military context can also help reinforce its spelling.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Sargeant - Misplacing 'a' and 'e' is a common error.
  • Sargent - Omitting the 'e' after 'g' also leads to a frequent misspelling.
  • Sergent - Mispronouncing the word can lead to this incorrect spelling.

These misspellings typically arise from misinterpretation of the word's pronunciation or unfamiliarity with its correct form.

Definition and Etymology of Sergeant

The word sergeant refers to a rank in the military, situated above corporal and below warrant officer. It can also denote a similar rank in police forces. The term originates from the Latin "serviens," which means "one who serves," a testament to the role's servitude nature. Over time, "serviens" evolved through Old French into the Middle English "sergeant."

Transcription of Sergeant

The standard pronunciation of sergeant is /ˈsɑː(r)dʒənt/ in British English and /ˈsɑːr.dʒənt/ in American English. Note the emphasis on the first syllable and the soft "g" sound, which can lead to some of the common spelling errors.

Examples of Using of Sergeant

In the army, the sergeant major is often seen as the bridge between the officers and the enlisted men.

She was promoted to the rank of sergeant after years of distinguished service in the police force.

Each platoon was under the command of a sergeant who reported directly to the lieutenant.


What does the word mean? 
It refers to a rank in the military or police, above corporal and below warrant officer.

Words Closely Related? 
Non-commissioned officer (NCO), staff sergeant.

Synonyms: NCO, non-com, staff sgt.

Difference Between American and British Versions

There is no significant difference in the spelling of sergeant between American and British English. However, pronunciation and usage can vary slightly, with American English favoring a more straightforward pronunciation. The role and duties associated with the rank can also differ between countries and their respective military or police organizations.

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