How Do You Spell Saturday?

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This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the correct spelling of one of the most commonly misspelled words of the week: Saturday. Whether you're a professional writer, a student, or simply someone keen on brushing up their spelling skills, this article will navigate the intricacies of spelling the word correctly and delve into its rich etymology and usage.

Correct Spelling of Saturday

The correct spelling of the word is Saturday. It is essential to remember that it comprises two parts: "Satur" and "day." Despite being commonly used, it is frequently misspelled due to its phonetics and the way it is spoken in various accents. Ensuring the correct spelling is crucial in both formal and informal writing.

How can remember the correct spelling

One effective technique for remembering the spelling of Saturday is by breaking it down into two parts: “Sat” as in sitting down on a chair, and “urday” which rhymes with “birthday.” Associating the word with the leisure and relaxation many people enjoy on this day can also aid in memorization.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Saterday - Incorrect because it confuses the sound of "ur" with "er".
  • Satarday - Misplaces the letter ‘r’, leading to an incorrect pronunciation.
  • Saterdae - Tries to phonetically spell the word, which is not acceptable in standard English.

These misspellings usually arise from a misunderstanding of the word’s phonetics and its correct phonemic segments. Understanding the composition of the word can significantly reduce these mistakes.

Definition and Etymology of Saturday

The word Saturday is defined as the seventh day of the week, following Friday and preceding Sunday. Historically, the name Saturday comes from Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and time. Its etymology is rooted in Old English as "Sæternesdæg," indicating the day of Saturn. This association with a celestial body is consistent with other days of the week which are also linked to planets and deities in Roman mythology.

Transcription of Saturday

The phonetic transcription of Saturday is /ˈsætərdeɪ/ or /ˈsætədi/ depending on the dialect or accent. It encompasses three syllables: Sat-ur-day, with a stress on the first syllable. This phonetic detailing aids in understanding the correct pronunciation, thereby assisting in accurate spelling.

Examples of Using of Saturday

  • We are planning a picnic for this Saturday.
  • Saturday mornings are perfect for jogging in the park.
  • I have a dentist appointment next Saturday.

These sentences show diverse situations where the word Saturday is appropriately used, highlighting its role in scheduling and planning weekly activities.


What does the word mean? 
Saturday means the seventh day of the week, known for being a common day off in many cultures.

Words Closely Related: weekend, Sabbath.

Synonyms: day of Saturn, weekend day.

Difference Between Words in American and British Versions

Interestingly, the spelling of Saturday remains consistent across both American and British English. However, differences in pronunciation can be observed, with American English typically emphasizing a more pronounced ‘r’ sound at the end. Despite these pronunciation variations, the written form stays universally accepted and recognized in English-speaking countries.

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