How Do You Spell Ridiculous?

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Understanding how to spell "ridiculous" correctly is essential in both written communication and enhancing one's vocabulary. This article provides insights into the correct spelling, common mistakes, and methods for remembering how to spell this often mispronounced word.

Correct Spelling of Ridiculous

The correct spelling of the word is ridiculous. Remember, it is not spelled with an 'e' as in 're-', but with an 'i' right after the 'r'. This spelling conveys the adjective that describes something as being deserving of or inviting ridicule or mockery.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

To remember that ridiculous is spelled with an 'i' after the 'r', think of the word 'ridicule', from which it is derived. Another technique is to break it down into smaller sounds: ri-dic-u-lous, which can help in memorizing the correct spelling by syllables.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Rediculous - This mistake occurs because many people wrongfully think the prefix should be 're-' as in 'reject' or 'return'.
  • Ridiculus - A misspelling usually caused by mispronunciation or misunderstanding of the word’s structure.

These common mistakes stem from incorrect phonetic assumptions or confusion with other words that start with re-.

Definition and Etymology of Ridiculous

The word ridiculous is an adjective that describes something as being so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing. It originated in the early 16th century from the Latin word "ridiculosus", meaning funny, or from "ridiculus" which means laughable. This derivation is a reflection of how the term has maintained a closely related meaning throughout its usage over the years.

Transcription of Ridiculous

The transcription for "ridiculous" in the American English pronunciation is /rɪˈdɪkjʊləs/. Breaking it into phonetic symbols helps with its pronunciation, where the stress is placed on the second syllable - 'dic'. This aids not only in saying the word correctly but also in reinforcing the spelling.

Examples of Using Ridiculous

  • His claims were so ridiculous that nobody believed him.
  • The idea of flying cars may have once seemed ridiculous, but it's becoming a reality.
  • She found the comedians jokes utterly ridiculous and laughed throughout the show.


What does the word mean?
It means deserving or inviting mockery or ridicule due to being absurd or ludicrous.

Words Closely Related: absurd, ludicrous, laughable

Synonyms: preposterous, outlandish, silly

Difference in American and British English

There is no difference in the spelling of "ridiculous" between American and British English. Both variants adhere to the spelling ridiculous.

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