How Do You Spell Questioned?

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Discovering the correct spelling of commonly mispelled words can significantly improve your writing skills. This article focuses on the accurate spelling of "questioned" and offers insights into avoiding common mistakes, understanding its definition, etymology, and practical ways to remember its spelling.

Correct Spelling of Questioned

The correct spelling of the word is questioned. It combines the root word "question" with the past tense suffix "-ed". This transformation indicates that the action of asking a question has occurred in the past. Remembering that "questioned" retains the base form of "question" and simply adds "-ed" for past tense can assist in spelling it correctly.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

One effective technique is to break the word into its base components: "question" and "-ed". Associating the act of asking (question) with the action completed in the past (-ed) helps to reinforce the spelling in your memory. Additionally, frequently writing the word in context can also improve recall and ensure accurate spelling.

Common Spelling Mistakes

Common misspellings of "questioned" include:

  • Questoned - Missing the 'i', which is crucial for maintaining the root word 'question'.
  • Questiond - Omitting the 'e' before the '-d' ending changes the pronunciation and breaks the spelling rule for past tense verbs.
  • Quistioned - Misplacing the 'e' with an 'i' alters both the pronunciation and meaning of the word.

These errors typically occur due to phonetic confusion or inadvertently omitting letters.

Definition and Etymology of Questioned

"Questioned" is the past tense and past participle of the verb "question," meaning to ask someone questions or to express doubt about the validity of something. The word "question" originates from the Latin word "quaestionem," meaning "a seeking, inquiry." Over time, it evolved in Middle English to "question," embodying the act of inquiry in various contexts. Thus, "questioned" carries a history of seeking answers or clarification.

Transcription of Questioned

The phonetic transcription of "questioned" is /ˈkwɛstʃənd/. It is composed of three syllables: ques-tion-ed, with stress on the first syllable. Understanding the transcription can help with proper pronunciation, particularly the silent 'e' which influences the -tion to sound like -shun.

Examples of Using Questioned

Here are some examples of how "questioned" is used in sentences:

  • The detective questioned the witness for over two hours.
  • Her motives for funding the project were questioned by the board.
  • The theory has been widely questioned by researchers in recent years.


What does the word mean? 
Questioned means to have asked questions or expressed doubts.

Words Closely Related: inquire, interrogate, examine.

Synonyms: asked, interrogated, probed.

Difference Between the Words in American and British Versions

The word questioned is spelled and used the same way in both American and British English. However, the pronunciation may slightly vary between the two, with American English having a more noticeable 'r' sound in "questioned". Nonetheless, these variations do not affect the spelling or core meaning of the word.

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