How Do You Spell Psychically?

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In this article, we will explore the correct spelling of a word that often leads to confusion due to its pronunciation and the silent letters it contains. The word in question is closely associated with the mind, paranormal activities, and intuitive perceptions. Understanding how to spell it correctly is crucial for accurate communication, especially in writing.

Correct spelling of psychically

The correct spelling of the word is psychically. It is easy to misspell due to its silent 'p' at the beginning and the uncommon 'ch' sound that is pronounced as 'k'. This word comprises three syllables, psy-chi-cal-ly, and it's important to remember each part to spell it correctly. Many people mistakenly omit or incorrectly add letters due to mishearing or misunderstanding the word's pronunciation.

How can remember the correct spelling

To remember the correct spelling of psychically, visualize breaking down the word into its syllables and focusing on the silent 'p' at the beginning. Associating the word with similar ones like psychic or psychology can also help anchor the correct spelling in your memory. Practice writing the word multiple times until the spelling feels natural and familiar.

Common spelling mistakes

  • sychically - omitting the initial 'p' due to its silence.
  • psycically - incorrect duplication of the 'c' before the 'i'.
  • psychicaly - omitting the second 'l', misunderstanding the adverbial form.

These common mistakes arise from misinterpretation of the word's pronunciation and structure. Understanding the word's composition and practicing its correct spelling are key to avoiding these errors.

Definition and etymology of psychically

The word psychically pertains to the mind or soul, particularly in relation to psychic or paranormal abilities. Its usage emphasizes an aspect or action occurring by means of the mind or psychic abilities, rather than through physical means. The term derives from the Greek word 'psychikos', meaning 'of the soul', with 'psychē' meaning 'soul'. Over time, it evolved in English to include the suffix '-ally' to form an adverb, indicating 'in a psychic manner' or 'with regard to the mind'.

Transcription of psychically

The phonetic transcription of psychically is [ˈsaɪkɪkli]. This transcription helps capture how the word sounds, emphasizing the silent 'p' at the beginning and clearly marking the pronunciation of each syllable. Understanding the transcription can aid in remembering the correct pronunciation and spelling of the word.

Examples of using of psychically

  • The detective claimed to have solved the case by connecting with the victim psychically.
  • She felt a psychically charged atmosphere in the ancient ruins.
  • He believes that twins are bonded psychically, able to sense each other's emotions instinctively.


What does the word mean? 
The word refers to anything related to the mind, soul, or psychic powers.

Words closely related: psychic, psychological, psychical.

Synonyms: mentally, spiritually, intuitively.

Difference between the words in American and British versions

The spelling of psychically does not differ between American and British English. However, pronunciation can vary slightly due to different accents, which might affect how the word is perceived and spelled by learners. Regardless, the silent 'p' and the 'ch' pronounced as 'k' remain constant in both versions.

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