How Do You Spell Priscilla?

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In the realm of names, Priscilla stands out with its classical resonance and elegant simplicity. This article explores the correct spelling of Priscilla, offering insights into common misspellings, mnemonic devices for remembering its correct form, and more.

Correct Spelling of Priscilla

The Priscilla is spelled with two 's' and two 'l's. It's a classic example of a name where double consonants might confuse some. The correct spelling, Priscilla, emphasizes the gentle rhythm and uniqueness of the name. Remembering to include both the 's' and 'l' twice is crucial in preserving its traditional spelling.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

A helpful technique for remembering the correct spelling of Priscilla is to break it down phonetically into "Pris-ci-lla" or consider associating it with similar words that contain double 'l's like "willow" or double 's's like "miss." Phonetic breakdowns and associations can be powerful tools for spelling accuracy.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Pricilla - Missing an 's', which alters the traditional spelling.
  • Prisilla - Missing an 'l', which is a common oversight.
  • Prescilla - Substituting 'e' for 'i', altering the phonetic quality.

These variants appear frequently but are considered incorrect because they deviate from the historically accepted spelling that features double 'l's and 's's.

Definition and Etymology of Priscilla

Priscilla is a female given name of Latin origin, meaning "ancient" or "classical." It was a common name among early Christians, popularized through its biblical association with Priscilla, a Christian missionary in the New Testament. The name has maintained its elegance and popularity, attributed to its noble roots and historical significance.

Transcription of Priscilla

In English, the transcription of Priscilla is typically /prɪˈsɪlə/. This highlights the importance of the stress on the second syllable and the soft 'c,' which is pronounced as 's.' Understanding its phonetic representation can aid in improving pronunciation and accurate spelling.

Examples of Using Priscilla

  • Have you met Priscilla? She joined our book club last week.
  • Priscilla chose a beautiful antique vase for the centerpiece.
  • I think Priscilla's presentation on Roman architecture was utterly fascinating.


What does the word mean? 
Priscilla means "ancient" or "classical."

Words Closely Related: Prissy, Pris, Cilla.

Synonyms: classical, timeless, ancient.

There are no differences between American and British spellings of Priscilla. In both dialects, it retains the same spelling and pronunciation, illustrating the universal appeal and recognition of this time-honored name.

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