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Welcome to our informative article on the correct spelling of the word neighbor. In this article, we will dive into the correct spelling, definition, transcription, examples of use, common spelling mistakes, techniques to remember the correct spelling, frequently asked questions, and more. Whether you are a grammar enthusiast or someone looking to enhance your writing skills, this article will provide you with all the necessary information.

Correct Spelling of Neighbor

When it comes to spelling neighbor, remember to place importance on the 'e' in the word. The correct spelling is neighbor, with an 'e' following the 'i'. This is a common mnemonic device to help you remember the spelling: i before e, except after c.

Definition of Neighbor

The word neighbor is a noun that refers to a person who lives near or next to another individual or individuals. The concept of a neighbor often denotes a sense of community, friendship, and proximity. Neighbors can contribute to a sense of belonging and can be important members of our social networks.

Transcription of Neighbor

The phonetic transcription of neighbor is /ˈneɪ.bər/. This transcription represents the pronunciation of the word using phonetic symbols to help describe the sounds and syllables within the word.

Examples of Using Neighbor

  • My neighbor helps me with gardening whenever I'm out of town.
  • The neighborhood block party brought together all the neighbors for a fun evening.
  • It's important to establish good relationships with your neighbors.
  • I borrowed a cup of sugar from my neighbor to complete the recipe.

Common Spelling Mistakes

While neighbor is a straightforward word, there are a few common spelling mistakes that people occasionally make. These include:

  • Nieghbor - incorrect use of vowels
  • Neighbour - British spelling, not commonly used in American English
  • Nabor - incorrect variant

These spellings are considered incorrect because they do not align with standard English usage.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

Remembering the correct spelling of the word neighbor can be made easier with the following techniques:

  1. Repetition. Practice writing the word multiple times to reinforce the correct spelling in your memory.
  2. Visual Association. Create a mental image associated with the word neighbor, such as picturing someone living next to you.
  3. Word Association. Link the word neighbor to another word with a similar spelling, such as neighborhood, to help you remember.
  4. Mnemonic Devices. Create a memorable phrase or sentence using the letters in the word neighbor, such as Never Eat Ice Cream Happily Outside, Remember.


What does the word neighbor mean?
The word neighbor refers to a person who lives near or next to another individual.

How do you spell neighbor in Spanish?
In Spanish, the equivalent word for neighbor is vecino.

Words closely related to neighbor?
Some words closely related to neighbor include community, resident, friend, and acquaintance.

Synonyms for neighbor?

Synonyms for neighbor include resident, inhabitant, local, and dweller.

Difference Between American and British Versions

The word neighbor is predominantly used in American English. In British English, the common spelling is neighbour. However, the American spelling is widely accepted and understood in both regions.

Academic Dictionaries

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  2. Oxford English Dictionary
  3. Cambridge Dictionary

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the correct spelling, definition, usage, and more regarding the word neighbor. By mastering the correct spelling, you can enhance your writing skills and communicate effectively. Remember, practice and consistency will help you become proficient in using the word neighbor correctly.

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