How Do You Spell Month?

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Understanding the correct spelling of commonly mispelled words, such as the term that denotes a period of roughly 30 days, is crucial for clear communication. This article demystifies how to spell month correctly and explores its correct usage, common spelling mistakes, and more.

Correct Spelling of Month

The correct spelling of the term is month. It's a common noun that refers to each of the twelve periods into which a year is divided. Despite its simple spelling, it's often misspelled due to pronunciation nuances or confusion with other words. Remember, it's month, with the 'o' sound like in 'cone' but much shorter and without any 'e' at the end.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

To remember the correct spelling of month, associate the word with its length—think of "mo" from "moment" to capture the brief time aspect and "nth" indicating an indefinite position in a series, such as 'n-th'. Another technique is to break the word down phonetically into its sounds: m-on-th, which can help reinforce its correct spelling through auditory cues.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Mounth - Adding an unnecessary 'u' likely due to mispronunciation.
  • Monthe - Incorrectly adding 'e' at the end, perhaps by analogy with 'clothe'.

These spellings are considered incorrect because they do not adhere to the accepted spelling conventions of the English language. Misplacing vowels or adding extra letters can significantly alter the written appearance of words and potentially lead to confusion.

Definition and Etymology of Month

The word month refers to any of the twelve divisions of the calendar year, each having a unique name and varying in length from 28 to 31 days. Historically, the word "month" is derived from the Old English word 'monaþ', closely related to the moon's phases. This linkage is because months were originally based on the lunar cycle, with a new month beginning with each new moon.

Transcription of Month

The standard pronunciation of month in phonetic transcription is /mʌnθ/. The first sound /m/ is like the 'm' in "mother", followed by a short /ʌ/ as in "cup", and ending with /nθ/ that combines 'n' and a soft 'th' as in "think". Mastering the pronunciation can aid in internalizing the correct spelling of the word.

Examples of Using of Month

  • In January, the first month of the year, people often make new resolutions.
  • She has been working on the project for three months.
  • The lease agreement states the rent is due at the start of each month.


What does the word month mean? 
It refers to any of the twelve periods into which a year is divided, based on the cycle of the moon.

Words Closely Related: year, week, day, date.

Synonyms: period, interval, duration.

Difference Between American and British Versions

There is no difference in spelling between American and British English for the word month. However, slight variations may occur in pronunciation, with American English having a more rhotic accent compared to the non-rhotic British pronunciation. These nuances do not affect the written form of the word.

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