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When it comes to spelling words correctly, the word immediately often presents a challenge for many. Its pronunciation doesn't always lead writers to the correct spelling, making it a frequent source of mistakes. This article aims to clarify the correct spelling of immediately, provide its definition, transcription, usage examples, common spelling errors, and tips for remembering its correct form. Additionally, we'll touch upon its meaning in different languages, closely related words, synonyms, and the presence of any variations between American and British English.

Correct Spelling of Immediately

The correct spelling of the word in question is immediately. This spelling is consistent across all major varieties of English and is recognized globally. Ensuring the double 'm' and the correct sequence of 'e', 'd', 'i', 'a', and 't' is key to spelling immediately correctly.

Definition of Immediately

Immediately is an adverb used to describe an action that occurs instantly, without delay or interruption. It suggests a direct sequence of events or a prompt response. The word can also imply closeness in space or relationship.

Transcription of Immediately

The phonetic transcription of immediately is /ɪˈmiːdiətli/. This transcription helps with understanding the pronunciation, where the stress falls on the second syllable.

Examples of Using of Immediately

  • He answered the phone immediately after it rang
  • I knew immediately that something was wrong
  • She moved to the front of the room and began speaking immediately

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Imediatly - missing the double 'm' and incorrect sequence of vowels
  • Immediatly - omission of the 'e' before the 'l'
  • Imediatelly - incorrect duplication of 'l' and missing the double 'm'
  • Immediatelly - incorrect duplication of 'l'

These errors typically stem from incorrect phonetic interpretation and unawareness of the correct spelling conventions.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

A helpful mnemonic for remembering the spelling of immediately is to break it down into syllables like - I'm medi(um) ately(eager). Thinking of the word in parts can aid in remembering the double 'm', the 'i' before the 'a', and the singular 'l'.


What does the word mean? 
It refers to something happening without delay, instantly.

How to spell in Spanish? 
In Spanish, "immediately" is spelled inmediatamente.

Words Closely Related? 
Instantly, directly, and promptly are closely related in meaning.

Synonyms? Instantly, at once, straight away.

Difference Between American and British Versions

There is no difference in spelling between American and British English for the word immediately. Both dialects use the same spelling.

In Which Academic Dictionaries Can You Find This Word

  1. Oxford English Dictionary
  2. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
  3. Cambridge Dictionary
Understanding the correct spelling, usage, and nuances of the word immediately ensures clear and effective communication. Whether writing an email, drafting a report, or engaging in everyday conversation, knowing how to employ immediate and appropriate enhances the clarity and immediacy of your message.

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