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Mastering the correct spelling of popular words is crucial for effective communication, and "excellent" is one such word that often finds its place in academic and professional settings. This article aims to guide you through the correct spelling of "excellent," explore its common misuse, provide a mnemonic device, delve into its definition, etymology, transcription, and usage.

Correct Spelling of Excellent

The correct spelling of the keyword is excellent. It comprises three syllables ex-cel-lent, where each letter plays a significant role in making up the word's pronunciation and meaning. Remembering the exact arrangement of letters is essential for conveying the term's intended emphasis on high quality or superiority.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

A helpful mnemonic to remember the spelling of excellent is: “Every Xylophone Can Elevate Little Elephants, Not Turtles.” This whimsical image of musical elevation can help in recalling the arrangement of letters in “excellent”—emphasizing the initial ‘E,’ double ‘L,’ and ending ‘T.’

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Excilent - Missing the crucial second 'e' alters the pronunciation and is incorrect.
  • Exelent - Using a single 'l' deviates from the correct spelling which requires double 'l's.
  • Excellant - Misplacing the 'a' instead of the correct 'e’ at the end changes both the sound and meaning of the word.

These common errors usually stem from mishearing the word or a misunderstanding of its proper structure, reflecting the importance of internalizing both its phonetic and written form.

Definition and Etymology of Excellent

The term excellent is used to describe something extremely good or outstanding. Its origins are rooted in Latin, coming from 'excellere' which means to surpass or to be superior. This definition is in line with how the term is used today—to signify superior quality or performance. Over time, excellent has found its way into numerous languages, retaining a similar pronunciation and meaning.

Transcription of Excellent

The phonetic transcription of excellent is /ˈeksələnt/. This representation helps guide the pronunciation of the word, indicating stress on the first syllable and the presence of the soft 'e' sounds in the following syllables. Understanding this transcription can enhance one’s ability to pronounce the word correctly in spoken language.

Examples of Using Excellent

  • The student’s performance on the final exam was nothing short of excellent.
  • They received excellent feedback for their innovative project idea.
  • The chef prepared an excellent meal that impressed all the guests.


What does the word excellent mean?
It denotes something of extremely high quality or superiority.

Words closely related to excellent?
Outstanding, exceptional, remarkable.

Synonyms for excellent?
Superb, first-rate, stellar.

There is no difference in the spelling of excellent between American and British English. Both varieties of the language spell the word as excellent and use it in similar contexts to describe something of very high quality.

Academic Dictionaries where you can find Excellent

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