How Do You Spell Committee?

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In the realm of grammar and spelling, certain words often prove to be a hurdle for many. Among these, the word "committee" frequently emerges as a source of confusion. This article aims to lay down definitive guidance on the correct spelling of "committee", including effective memory aids, common errors, and additional intriguing insights about the word.

Correct Spelling of Committee

The correct spelling of the word in question is committee. It encompasses two "m"s, two "t"s, and three "e"s, which can be tricky for some. Notably, the word emphasizes double letters, a characteristic that contributes to its frequent misspelling. Understanding and memorizing the proper configuration of these letters is crucial for spelling committee correctly.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

To memorize the correct spelling of committee, visualize breaking the word into segments such as "com-mit-tee," or use mnemonic devices. For instance, think of having "mitt" in the middle, as if you're catching the correct spelling. Associating the word with something memorable can significantly aid in retaining its correct spelling.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Comittee - Missing the second "m" which is a common overlook.
  • Commitee - Only one "t" utilized, another frequent error.
  • Committe - Omitting the final "e", which is crucial for the correct spelling.

These errors primarily arise from the misunderstanding of the double letters within the word. Misremembering or overlooking the presence of these can lead to incorrect spelling.

Definition and Etymology of Committee

A committee is defined as a group of people appointed for a specific function by a larger group and is mainly used within an organization's context. The term originates from the Middle English word "comittee", a derivative of the Old French "comité", signifying someone entrusted with duties or a task. This evolution into the modern-day "committee" mirrors the word's journey and adaptability in language.

Transcription of Committee

The standard phonetic transcription of committee in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is /kəˈmɪt.i/. This denotes the emphasis on the second syllable and the soft "i" sound in the final segment, aiding in its pronunciation. The transcription serves as a helpful guide for those learning English as a second language or anyone looking to refine their pronunciation.

Examples of Using Committee

  • The board appointed a new committee to revise the guidelines.
  • She serves on the fundraising committee.
  • The report will be reviewed by the committee next Wednesday.


What does the word mean? 
A group of appointed individuals tasked with certain responsibilities within an organization.

Words closely related: panel, council, board.

Synonyms: group, panel, task force.

Difference in American and British Spelling

Fortunately, the spelling of committee remains consistent between American and British English, sparing learners the stress of having to remember different spellings for geographical variations. Hence, its spelling poses no difference across the English-speaking world, a fact that simplifies learning and usage.

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