How Do You Spell Charlotte?

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Whether you're naming a character in your novel, titting a cake for your bakery menu, or simply curious, knowing how to spell popular names and terms correctly is essential. The word Charlotte is no exception. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to spelling, pronunciation, and usage of the word Charlotte.

Correct Spelling of Charlotte

The correct spelling of the word is Charlotte. It consists of 9 letters: C- h- a- r- l- o- t- t- e. Ensuring each letter is in its proper place is crucial for the correct spelling of Charlotte.

Definition of Charlotte

Charlotte can refer to a female name or a dessert made with fruit and sponge cake or bread which is often served cold. As a name, it has French origin, meaning "free man" or "petite". The dessert's name, meanwhile, is believed to be derived from the name of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of the United Kingdom.

Transcription of Charlotte

The phonetic transcription of Charlotte in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is /ˈʃɑːrlət/. This transcription helps to understand the pronunciation of the word through its phonetic representation.

Examples of Using of Charlotte

  • I have always admired Queen Charlotte for her contributions to the arts.
  • For dessert, we will be serving a delicious strawberry Charlotte.
  • Charlotte's Web is one of the most beloved children's books.
  • Can you believe Charlotte has never been to Paris?

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Charlote - missing the second 't' is a common mistake
  • Charlette - adding an extra 'e' at the end is incorrect
  • Sharlotte - using 'Sh' instead of 'Ch' significantly changes the pronunciation and is incorrect
  • Charlot - omitting the final 'te' is another frequent error.

These mistakes often result from misunderstandings of the word's pronunciation or from its French origins, which might lead English speakers to misspell it.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

To remember the correct spelling of Charlotte, consider breaking the word down into sounds and syllables, like 'Char' and 'lotte'. Associating the name with the city of Charlotte in North Carolina or thinking of the famous dessert may also help in memorizing the correct spelling.


What does the word mean?
As a name, it means free man or petite. As a dessert, it refers to a dish made of fruit and sponge cake or bread.

How to spell in Spanish?
In Spanish, it is spelled as 'Carlota'.

Words Closely Related: caroline, Charles.


For the dessert: trifle, custard cake. For the name: Lottie, Charlie.

Difference Between the Words in American and British Versions

There is no difference in the spelling of Charlotte between American and British English. However, pronunciation may slightly vary, with British English having a less pronounced 'r' sound.

In which academic dictionaries can you find this word?

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  2. Oxford English Dictionary
  3. Cambridge Dictionary

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