How Do You Spell Cemetery?

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Ever found yourself second-guessing the spelling of cemetery? This article serves as a comprehensive guide to not only spell this word correctly but also understand its origin, common errors, and more.

Correct Spelling of Cemetery

The correct spelling of the word is cemetery. It’s a common mistake to misspell cemetery due to its pronunciation. Remembering the correct spelling can help ensure clarity in written communication, especially in academic and professional settings.

How can remember the correct spelling?

One effective method to remember the spelling of cemetery is to break it down phonetically as Ceme-Ter-Y. Associating the word with visual images such as 'a restful place' can also aid in memorization. Practicing writing the word several times can further reinforce its correct spelling.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Cemetary - Incorrect because it replaces the second 'e' with an 'a', changing the phonetic structure of the word.
  • Cemetry - This version mistakenly omits one 'e', which is crucial for the correct pronunciation.

Definition and etymology of Cemetery

A cemetery is defined as a large burial ground, typically not associated with a church. The word 'cemetery' comes from the Greek word 'koimeterion', meaning 'sleeping place', emphasizing the resting aspect of the dead. This term underwent transformations through Latin 'coemeterium' before entering English in its current form, reflecting historical attitudes towards death and burial practices.

Transcription of Cemetery

The pronunciation of cemetery can be phonetically transcribed as /ˈsɛmɪˌtɛri/. Breaking down the word into syllables can help with its correct pronunciation, which is crucial for spelling it accurately when writing it from dictation.

Examples of using of Cemetery

  • We visited the ancient cemetery near the old church.
  • The cemetery was beautifully maintained, providing a serene atmosphere.
  • Sunset over the cemetery cast a peaceful glow over the headstones.


What does the word mean? 
A cemetery is a place where the remains of deceased people are buried or otherwise interred.

Words Closely Related: graveyard, burial ground, necropolis.

Synonyms: burial site, graveyard, memorial park.

In Which Academic Dictionaries Can You Find This Word

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  2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  3. Cambridge Dictionary

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