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This article is designed to clarify the correct spelling of a frequently miswritten word, providing insights into its proper usage, common errors, and additional relevant linguistic details. Whether you're a grammar enthusiast or simply looking to brush up on your spelling skills, this guide will offer valuable information on the word "allowed."

Correct Spelling of Allowed

The correct spelling of the word is allowed. This term is often mistaken due to its phonetic similarity to other words in the English language. Allowed is used to denote permission or the act of enabling something to happen. Remembering the correct spelling can help aid in clear and precise communication, whether in writing or speech.

How Can Remember the Correct Spelling

One technique for remembering the spelling of allowed is to break it down into its phonetic components - al-low-ed. Another method is to associate the word with a phrase like "Al loud in the room," emphasizing the permission aspect. Through repetition and usage in sentences, the spelling becomes more natural and easier to recall.

Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Aloud - A common mistake is to write "aloud" instead of "allowed." Aloud means to do something with your voice raised, not to permit something.
  • Alowd - This spelling mistake arises from a phonetic misunderstanding of the word.
  • Allowd - Omitting the 'e' is another frequent error due to fast typing or lack of knowledge of the correct spelling.

These misspellings are considered incorrect as they represent different words or don't adhere to the established spelling conventions of the English language.

Definition and Etymology of Allowed

The word allowed is the past tense of "allow," meaning to give permission for someone to do something or for something to happen. It originates from the Old French word "alouer," which came into Middle English as "allowen." Over time, its usage has expanded to cover various contexts, reflecting the act of permitting or acknowledging the legitimacy of something. Understanding its roots helps in grasitating its meaning and variations in use.

Transcription of Allowed

The phonetic transcription of allowed is /əˈlaʊd/. This notation offers guidance on the pronunciation of the word, indicating it is voiced with an initial soft "a" sound, followed by a "low" sound, and ending with a hard "d." This understanding can aid in both correct spelling and pronunciation in spoken English.

Examples of Using of Allowed

  • She was allowed to leave early from work today.
  • Are we allowed to bring guests to the event?
  • No pets allowed in the hotel room.
  • Allowed me to introduce myself.
  • Only a certain number of attempts are allowed.


What does the word mean? 
To give permission or make it possible for something to happen.

Words Closely Related: permit, enable, authorize.

Synonyms: approve, authorize, permit.

Difference Between the Words in American and British Versions

The spelling of allowed remains consistent across both American and British English. However, the pronunciation might slightly vary between the two, with American English favoring a more rhotic articulation. Despite these minor differences, the meaning and usage of the word are the same in both variants of English.

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