How Do You Spell Alicia?

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Correct spelling can sometimes be confusing, especially with names that have multiple variations. In this article, we'll explore the correct spelling of Alicia, a beautiful name that often gets misspelt. Discover the origins, common errors, and the rich history behind the name Alicia.

Correct spelling of Alicia

The Alicia is the correct spelling of the name. This spelling variation is particularly popular in English and Spanish-speaking countries. The name Alicia has seen numerous spelling variations over the years, but Alicia remains the most widely accepted and used version.

How can remember the correct spelling

One way to remember the correct spelling of Alicia is by breaking it down phonetically as A-LI-CIA. Associating the name with a famous person, like Alicia Keys, can also help reinforce the spelling in one's mind.

Common spelling mistakes

  • Alisha - This variation substitutes 'i' for 'i', changing the phonetic sound slightly.
  • Allicia - Doubling the 'l' is unnecessary and not the accepted spelling.
  • Alecia - Substituting 'e' for 'i' changes the name's pronunciation and is less common.

These variations primarily arise from attempts to phonetically spell the name without knowledge of the accepted spelling.

Definition and etymology of Alicia

The name Alicia is of Germanic origin, derived from the name Adalheidis, which means 'nobility' or 'of noble kind'. Over time, it morphed into the Spanish 'Alicia' and found its way into English. The name has been popularized in many works of literature and pop culture, making it a timeless choice for a girl's name.

Transcription of Alicia

In English, the transcription of Alicia is typically /əˈliːsiə/ or /əˈliːʃə/, depending on regional dialects. The emphasis tends to be placed on the second syllable. This phonetic notation helps with understanding the correct pronunciation of the name.

Examples of using of Alicia

  • Alicia won the first prize in the science fair.
  • Have you seen Alicia's new book?
  • Alicia and I will attend the concert next weekend.


What does the word mean? Alicia means 'nobility' or 'of noble kind'.

Words Closely Related: Adalheidis, Alice, Alisha.

Synonyms: Noble, Aristocratic.

There is no difference in spelling between American and British versions for the name Alicia. However, pronunciation might slightly vary, with the British version possibly emphasizing different syllables than the American version.

In which academic dictionaries you can find this word

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